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'I Liked the Zanna So Much, I Bought The Company!'

"Welcome to nowhere and finding out where it is...."

New hair!

Hola, I'm Zanna. I'm either too young or too old for you, too fat or too ugly, too flirtatious or too unstable...sorry...keep looking:)

Thats me with the infamous earrings that I love:)

...and fixing your problems and starting all over again"  Shinedown - In Memory

Well thats it (ahh...its alright, I'm a bored person that will be back to update alot). You can contact me @ or IM me @ zansjello. Thanks for stoppin' by. Have a great day! :) God Bless Ya!

Due to some thoughts and input I've had, I've decided to remove some pages from my site. Thanks for your tolerance. If you'd like something from the removed pages, let me know.